The Tilapia is bred in breeding tanks. Once the eggs are harvested and pulled from the mouth of the mother they are brought into the hatchery. Once the eggs have been hatched all the fish are sex reversed creating an all male batch. The males are then placed in the nursery tanks to grow out to the size of a fingerling. Once the fish have reached the state of a fingerling they are stocked in happas located in the ponds. The ponds at this point have already been prepared with fertilization, algae, fish traps to exclude wild fish, bird netting to resist predators, and more. The fish are released from the happas to grow out to the size of 250g-500g pending on the market request. Once the fish are harvested from the pond they are taken to the processing room to be gutted and gilled. Once they have been processed the fish are iced, bagged, boxed, and stored in the cold room. At this point the fish are ready to go to market. The best fish consultants in the world, excellent managers, and cutting edge electronic software monitor the fish through the entire process.