There are two ways to farm Tilapia. The first way is an artificial manner and the second way is a natural process. Peixe Bela Vista grows its fish the natural way. The artificial manner is a process that uses artificial feed. The natural process organically grows food for the Tilapia in the ponds. Artificially feeding fish results in a higher priced fish that is genetically less natural and less healthy. The natural process allows the company to produce a healthier, natural fish at the lowest price. The natural process uses chicken manure to fertilize the ponds. The ponds grow algae. The fish do not eat the manure they eat the algae creating a much healthier fish. Using the natural process allows the company to provide the highest quality food at the most affordable price.

The breed of Tilapia grown at Peixe Bela Vista is the best breed in world.  From the breeding stage to the market each fish is integrated into its own batch. The batch is monitored electronically in “real time”. The monitored elements include but are not limited to ration of male to female breeders, harvested eggs, hatched eggs, mass, water temperature, NH4 ml/1, No3 ml/1, PH, H20 Depth, flow and movement of fish, overall health, and much more. The best builders in the industry have commercially constructed the hatchery, nursery, tunnels, happas, and ponds.